The ABCs of the Spec Bar: It's the Alt-Reddit That Never Came to Be

Everyone is familiar by now with how Reddit works. You submit a post for a video, an image, a thought, a joke, a website, a news report, an image macro, a meme, and so forth, and then let the users (known as Redditors)upvote the links they like while letting the others rot in digital hell. They can also downvote any posts they don't like, they disagree with, they think is controversial, or they believe that doesn't belong to the category it was submitted in. This upvote and downvote system will find its way to other sites, like the I Can Has Cheezburger sites (that includes dedicated to funny animal pics and memes as well as YouTube (it used to have a star system but it was replaced by a like/dislike system).

What's the Deal with SpecBar?

* The upvote system also found its way to that allows users to post anything they want for discussion, upvoting, or downvoting. It's a site that covers all sorts of topics like wallpaper threads, discussions on Emma Stone, hilarious voicemail, the Shakespearean insult kit, the hilarity of knowing that there's a politician named Dick Durbin, and posts regarding Craiglist deals, among many other fascinating things.

* It's not quite like, which is focused on posting memes and current events (plus many of its content are just reposts from Reddit). The SpecBar threads and posts are reminiscent of the posts in Reddit, but it's not quite as polished. The older site was able to make a mark into popular culture plus it was even able to have major AMAs (Ask Me Anything threads) on celebrities like Barack Obama and Harrison Ford.

* SpecBar came to the scene (2013) a little too late. It arrived off of the heels of's death for sure, but it was ultimately Reddit that took the reins and became the front page of the Internet (although it recycles memes, posts, and content from admittedly). just came and went while was able to get an Alexa ranking of 23 globally and 7 for the United States.

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