Empty beer, rum, whisky bottles litter roads , pavements in goa

On the other hand, in goa, the local scrap dealers are refusing to accept glass bottles, though they are of better quality compared to plastic bottles which are very flimsy. Those who drink beer in public in goa, often lack civic sense and litter the roads and footpaths with these bottles. Sometimes the glass bottles are broken, causing more damage.

For example on June 3, 2017, a domain investor on an evening walk noticed that the beer bottles of three different brands Kingfisher, Tuborg, Carlsberg were scattered on the footpath for a short distance of less than 300 meters. Kingfisher cans were also scattered in the waste along the road. Sometimes well designed whisky bottles of Old Monk and other brands are scattered on the roadside.

NTRO, CBI are ruthless in harassing and blocking payment to harmless domain investors, however those who litter roads with empty beer bottles, making a mockery of the “swacch Bharat campaign” rarely face any action from CBI

Higher prices of alcohol in Mumbai

In Mumbai due to the Mumbai prohibition act, most people are drinking in the privacy of their home, and after they finish drink, the maidservant will sell the bottle to the local raddhiwala.

Compared to the other glass bottles like sauce or jam bottles, the local scrap dealer will pay a very good price for these empty beer, whisky bottles.

The prices of alcohol are also far higher in Mumbai, due to taxes and government policy to discourage people from drinking according to sources on Quora, so many people, especially men are coming to goa for drinking.

They also take a lot of effort to transport the alchohol bottles to mumbai or other parts of maharashtra, paying bribes

Alcohol and tourism in Goa

Though the mainstream media does not discuss it explicitly one of the main reasons why goa is the most popular tourist destinations in India, is because the alchohol prices in goa are extremely low compared to the rest of india
Officially people claim that they come to goa for the natural beauty, however in reality, people flock to goa for the cheap alcohol available.
There are other places in Karnataka , Maharashtra along the coast which are also beautiful, however alcohol prices are far higher.
According to many sources the price of alcohol in goa is less than half of that in Maharashtra, so those who enjoy drinking, can save a lot of money drinking in goa.
Indians love to save money, so they flock to goa