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After reviewing more than 100 bars in New Zealand, complete information about the bars like
– timings
– games like pool, darts
– television screens
– quizzes and other activities
– bar snacks, food and pricing
– tap beers and other beers
– wines
– liquors
– cocktails
can be provided to those who are selling products to the bars.

Example/sample of published bar specifications

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Example of a published bar specification

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Promotional, marketing content, description and specifications for bars, pubs

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Beaches in goa littered with empty beer and alcohol bottles

One of the reasons why the number of tourists in goa, is declining according to the goan newspapers is that beaches are flooded with empty beer and alcohol bottles. Increasingly tourists are visiting goa mainly for drinking cheap alcohol, and instead of spending money on accomodation, they are using the beaches as they bedroom and bathroom also
They will spend all their time on the beach, and most of the time is spent drinking alcohol.
After they finish drinking they will leave for the state they have come from, and the beaches are filled with empty bottles
The problem is severe during the peak season during christmas.

Wilfred Mesquita confirms that Tourists coming to goa for drinks and sex

The high social status, great powers of the google, tata sponsored goan sex worker R&AW employees bhandari sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar is mainly because tourists from all over india are coming to goa mainly for drinks and sex.

This was confirmed by the politician Wilfred Mesquita who was quoted in Herald newspaper in November 2018, as saying that there is nothing much going on in Goa, except Tourists coming to goa for drinks and sex

While Goa is world famous for having the most liberal alcohol rules in India , the sex rackets in goa, remain hidden. Periodically the newspapers carry news of police raids, however the women who are caught are almost always from outside goa.
So when a politician makes these sex related remarks, it clearly appears that the sex racket news is covered up very well in goa . The drinks in goa are widely discussed, however sex rackets remain top secret
Airport security catches young woman carrying alcohol in her handbag

Airport security catches young woman carrying alcohol in her handbag

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The young woman was scantily clad , wearing hot pants and a crop top type shirt, which exposed her belly button. She had body jewelry on her stomach, ear, and other places. The security agencies asked her to open her bag, in front of them. She hesitated, however they insisted. There were two small bottles of blenders pride whisky in her bag. The security agencies told the young woman to dump the bottles in the dustbin. She hesistated since the bottles were expensive.

However the security agencies, CISF staff refused to give her back her bag, till she threw out the whisky bottles. At the airport, the domain investor observes a lot of people engaged in activities which could cause problems, the security agencies are more bothered about these people, rather than a harmless domain investor whose luggage mainly contains papers and clothes, and who spends her time reading.

Tourists drinking beer and alcohol openly on the footpaths in Panaji

Compared to other major towns and cities in India, Panaji has very broad footpaths in many areas, especially those which were developed earlier . However there are very few people walking on the footpaths, since most people are using vehicles unlike Mumbai
October second is a holiday in most parts of India and so salaried individuals are flooding goa, to enjoy cheap alcohol.
On September 30, 2018, some of these tourists were spotted drinking beer using plastic glasses on the footpath of the road linking St Inez and Campal, near the Home science college, in Panaji
There was a rule banning drinking in the open, however it has not been implemented

Bira beer popular in Panaji

universidad politecnica salesiana

One of the advantages of not driving a vehicle is that it is easier to observe various things.
A lake in campal is one of the most popular places for drinking beer in the open in Panaji .
Almost every day, the lakeside is strewn with empty beer bottles and cans, sometimes whisky, rum bottles
Usually Tuborg, Budweiser, Kingfisher are the popular brands based on the number of empty bottles which are lying around
However on 23 March 2018, there were a large number of empty Bira, Breezer bottles scattered near the footpath on the side of the lake
The Bira beer glass bottles are red, white, and black in colour,
The B in the bira is written in inverted fashion, making it a distinctive logo
The bottles have a monkey face image on top of the name

Increase in license fees for breweries and distilleries

Goa has one of the best markets in India for alcoholic beverages, and most of the breweries and distilleries are experiencing rapid growth, capacity expansion to keep up with the growing demand. The hike in the license fees for breweries and distilleries has been undertaken after 5 years
The annual license fees increase varies depending on the capacity for breweries and distilleries and has been increased by between two to four lakh annually
For brewery units producing beer, the annual license fee is Rs 4 lakh
For larger distilleries producing 30 lakh cases a year, the license fee is increased to Rs 20 lakh annually

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