Alcohol sales in goa decline by 75%

According to a report in times of india,alcohol sales in goa declined by 75% due to the lockdown
In goa, most of the alcohol is consumed by tourists to the state.
Due to the lockdown, the number of visitors to the state has declined to a very great extent since the local consumption is very less.
The population of goa is only 1.5 million, and a part of it does not drink alcohol

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Other intelligence agencies confirm that panaji gujju raw employee nikhil is marketing fine wine

In addition to filing fake dengue cases against the domain investor every year, pran the balding bespectacled fraud husband of school dropout cbi employee naina chandan, also excels in promoting his lazy fraud sons karan, nikhil, who do not do any computer work, as online experts, owning the domains, bank account of the real domain investor, a single woman
However, after the domain investor has complained bitterly about the goa government online fraud, it appears that other intelligence agencies have confirmed that nikhil, a commerce graduate, is marketing fine wine, for one of his mother’s close associates parekh, and has no online income at all
The goa and indian government continues to dismiss all the complaints as spam, however other intelligence agencies who are more intelligent than R&AW/cbi decided to verify the facts since they would like to find out the truth while preparing their country reports
Yet raw continues with its falsely propaganda, defaming the real domain investor and falsely claiming that the wine marketing expert , who does not spend money on domains, owns domains with his fraud news

Delhi government imposes 70% surcharge on alcoholic beverages

Due to the Covid lockdown the media reported that the Delhi government claimed that its monthly revenues declined from Rs 4000 crore in April 2019 to Rs 300 crore in April 2020.
So it decided to impose a 70% surcharge on alcoholic beverages. Other states also did the same since all the other revenues declined to a great extent.
The decision to charge a price which was 70% above the MRP was challenged in the court. However, the government defended the decision saying that beverages were not essential.

It would be interesting to find the goa government revenue figures

After covid-19 cases in goa increase, people start hoarding alcoholic beverages

For more than three weeks there were no new officially detected covid-19 cases in goa and local wine stores were opened. However, in the last 4 days, more cases have been detected and there are 15 more active cases.
So some people are hoarding alcoholic beverages in their house.
One person was spotted carrying big cartons of alcoholic beverages.
Some people consume a lot of alcohol in goa

Delhi government imposes 70% tax on liquor

Though Delhi has one of the largest number of Covid-19 cases in India, it has not affected the demand for liquor in the state.
When the lockdown on liquor shops was finally removed on May 4, 2020, there was big rush of people outside the liquor shop like the liquor shops all over india
all the social distancing norms were forgetten in the queues outside the liquor shops
So the delhi government imposes 70% tax on liquor
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Red shirted Carlsberg beer purchaser molests domain investor in panaji, goa

Google, tata are always criminally defaming the domain investor as having black money, yet when she is out shopping in panaji, she is almost always molested by google, tata associates. The latest molestation incident took place at a store in st.inez panaji, goa at around 6.30 pm on 20 december 2019

The domain investor was purchasing a packet of milk and yoghurt, when a tall man intentionally touched her and then said excuse me to avoid being accused of molestation. The man was tall, wearing a red shirt, had a slight beard.

The molester purchased a one liter pack of milk, orange colored from goa dairy , big green carlsberg beer bottles and totally spent Rs 600. he paid the amount using a black debit or credit card with wifi, which the shop owner did not want, since there are sometime problems of chargeback.

The man was not from the area, because he drove off in a grey car , the car model was not noticed. Even purchasing milk becomes a chore in panaji, because women have to avoid molestation. It appears he intentionally came only to molest the domain investor

Young beer bottle purchasing people take selfies in store blocking other customers

One of the biggest irritants in panaji is how young people purchasing bottles of beer are blocking the store for other customers.
On 9 december 2019, three young men were blocking the entrance of the store in st inez, panaji, goa taking selfies, making it difficult for other customers to move in the store
This shows how self obsessed young people, they only want to take selfies and click their photos
They have plenty of money to purchase beer, they do not realize that taking a photo inconvenient for others

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stalking at panaji wine store by raw employee nayanshree look alikes

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Example/sample of published bar specifications

Signature whisky extensively advertised in panaji with kangana ranaut using outdoor advertising

In another indication of the alleged domain fraud of cbi, ntro, raw, Signature whisky extensively advertised in panaji with kangana ranaut using outdoor advertising .
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