Taxes and alcohol

Beer and alcoholic drinks are a good source of revenue for the government in India as high taxes are imposed.

In many states of india , when the government is short of funds, they will increase the taxes on various alcoholic beer, wine, whisky, vodka, gin, rum, which young people are enjoying

However while the state revenues may increase to some extent, this mainly increases the number of tourists visiting goa as goa gets a large number of visitors who are only interested in cheap alcohol

Since most indian women do not drink, these all male groups come to goa on weekends, especially long weekends, drink and enjoy .

Many shops selling alcoholic beverage in goa, due to high profits

Running a wine, liquor shop is one of the most profitable businesses in goa and there are a large number of shops selling alcoholic beverages in goa, especially in the panaji, market area.,

For example a small shop owner in panaji, goa owned another small shop and was looking for a tenant for the shop, He tried very hard to find a tenant, yet he could not find any tenant because most people were not confident that they would make enough to cover the rental amount charged

Finally he decided to give the shop as a godown to the local liquor shop, as it was the most profitable business in the area, who would never be short of funds.

Drinking and accidents

In India , many blame drunk drivers for many of the problems including accidents. The real reason for the accidents is that drivers lack civic sense and patriotism, they often think that they can flout the rules, drinking and get away with it if they are well connected .

One of the most notorious cases was the Janhavi Gadkar Reliance VP legal who drank a lot of alcohol, overspeeded and was responsible for the death of people in Mumbai. Today she leads a normal life , while the harmless domain investor who owns this website has never harmed anyone in her life, yet she is being held a virtual prisoner.

This indicates that in the corporate world, recreational drinking by women is increasingly common. Women who do not drink are humiliated as behenjis, isolated, denied the income and opportunities they otherwise deserved, falsely labelled a security threat without any legally valid proof,.

Annual license fees for bars in Haryana

From Hindustan times issued for reference and comparison (why tourists come to goa for drinking liquor)
the annual license fee of bars in Haryana depends on the location of the bar,
Annual license fees in Haryana has been increased from
RS 12.5 lakh to Rs 15 lakh in Gurugram,
Rs 10 lakh to Rs 12 lakh in Faridabad
More than Rs 7.5 lakh in other districts of the state.
Haryana garners a third of its excise collections from Gurugram and Faridabad.

the license fees are high compared to goa, so many tourists from haryana come to goa for drinking, resulting in a comment on gurugram

Social drinking in India

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Unlike a few decades ago , where work was the main consideration for merit, in 2017, the success of a person depends to a large extent on social network , his or her social life, with indian intelligence and security agencies targetting loners, single people, introverts for identity , resume theft.

Just because a person does not socialize some security agency officials like nayak, hathwar, kodancha specialize in demonizing the harmless introvert as a robot to defame, cheat and exploit the person for the rest of his or her life. Hence people who would otherwise not spend their time socializing are forced to attend parties, consumer beer and alcoholic beverages for social drinking, though the person may not drink at home.

One of the most notorious cases was the Janhavi Gadkar Reliance VP legal who drank a lot of alcohol, overspeeded and was responsible for the death of people in Mumbai. This indicates that in the corporate world, recreational drinking by women is increasingly common.

Bars at home

Many wealthy professionals and business owners often have a bar at their homes, which are well stocked with their favorite beer, wine, whisky, brandy, rum, gin, vodka and other beverages.

The bar is sometimes located in the living room and is used for entertaining friends and business colleagues. The bar is designed to store all the different bottles of the alcoholic beverages, the necessary glasses, and also has a counter for serving the drinks.

Being a bartender is an attractive proposition for hotel management graduates as social drinking is increasing in metro cities of India, though some states like Gujarat, Bihar have banned drinking for a large section of the population.

Johnnie walker Black label whisy

Whisky and other alcoholic beverages are fairly expensive, and only those with plenty of money only can afford to purchase it.

One of the most famous whisky brands worldwide, Johnnie walker, Black Label , Blended scotch whisky, is aged 12 years and is a product of scotland. The whisky brand was a family owned business and was founded in 1820, focussing on quality and refinement . The Master Blenders who make the whisky combine the best of the whiskies available in Scotland to create an award winning whisky

Johnnie walker Black label whisky combines the power of the west coast whiskies with the smoothness of the mainland whiskies. It combines a fruity flavor, peat , raisin, vanilla fragrance and malt finish.The packaging carries a message drink responsibly. John Walker & Sons was established in 1820 in Kilmarnock in Scotland. The whisky is distilled, blended and bottled in scotland, and has a distinctive black and gold packaging.

The striding figure on the packaging of the whisky is trademarked. The Black label whisky is more expensive than some other variants like Red Label.

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Money for beer, no money for domains, websites

Worldwide domain investors are paying the market price for domains, websites and getting them legally transferred in their name.
However in a major financial fraud masterminded by google, tata, R&AW/cbi employees like riddhi nayak, siddhi mandrekar, sunaina , ruchika, deepika have plenty of money to drink beer, liquor, enjoy themselves, however they are not willing to pay the market price to the original domain investor, and get the domains legally transferred to their name,

This will at least ensure that the domain investor does not struggle to pay the annual domain expenses which are fairly high. The domains are not expensive most of them cost Rs 10000- Rs 20000 which most of these women can easily afford to pay, as they are getting a monthly raw salary without doing any work, investing any money online. Some liquors are costing more than Rs 1000 a drink, which they raw/cbi employees are regularly spending

As google, tata are ruthless in their financial fraud, no one is having the humanity and honesty to tell these greedy women raw/cbi employees that they should pay the market price of the domain names and get them legally transferred, instead the ntro, raw,cbi employees continue with their online fraud and lies about domain ownership, causing great losses to the domain investor.

Women and drinking

While most conservative women in India, do not drink beer or any alcoholic beverage due to local traditions, in most european and temperate regions drinking is part of the daily diet, probably because temperatures are lower. Usually red and white wine is consumed with the food in Europe.

However increasingly young people are drinking beer in India, as they have plenty of money, and leading a westernized lifestyle can greatly improve career prospects, especially for women. Most of these young people go to a bar or a restaurant with a bar which will serve cocktails and alcoholic drinks

In india, usually single women do not go to a bar and restaurant alone, especially in small towns. However young people who lead a westernized lifestyle often go to the popular bars and nightclubs, which have a well stocked bar and a skilled bartender who has many years experience in mixing drinks.

Many of the nightclubs are charging an entry fee to regulate those visiting the place, and a few complimentary drinks are included in the entry fee. One of the problems visiting a place with a bar, is that while ordering drinks, the cocktails may contain some vodka, whisky, gin, and it is difficult for a teetollar to find out the composition of the cocktail in advance