Airport security catches young woman carrying alcohol in her handbag

The fraud ntro employees led by mhow cheater falsely claim that the domain investor requires their help to cheat and exploit her , when she is a harmless law abiding citizen who has nothing to hide from the security agencies or any other government agencies

If the security agencies are really doing their duty, there are other people who are actually breaking the law who they can catch. For example during the latest trip from Goa to Mumbai on 10 October 2018, at Dabolim airport, the domain investor had completed the security check and when she was waiting for her handbag , she noticed that the security agencies had detained a young woman for carrying alcohol in her handbag

The young woman was scantily clad , wearing hot pants and a crop top type shirt, which exposed her belly button. She had body jewelry on her stomach, ear, and other places. The security agencies asked her to open her bag, in front of them. She hesitated, however they insisted. There were two small bottles of blenders pride whisky in her bag. The security agencies told the young woman to dump the bottles in the dustbin. She hesistated since the bottles were expensive.

However the security agencies, CISF staff refused to give her back her bag, till she threw out the whisky bottles. At the airport, the domain investor observes a lot of people engaged in activities which could cause problems, the security agencies are more bothered about these people, rather than a harmless domain investor whose luggage mainly contains papers and clothes, and who spends her time reading.

Tourists drinking beer and alcohol openly on the footpaths in Panaji

Compared to other major towns and cities in India, Panaji has very broad footpaths in many areas, especially those which were developed earlier . However there are very few people walking on the footpaths, since most people are using vehicles unlike Mumbai
October second is a holiday in most parts of India and so salaried individuals are flooding goa, to enjoy cheap alcohol.
On September 30, 2018, some of these tourists were spotted drinking beer using plastic glasses on the footpath of the road linking St Inez and Campal, near the Home science college, in Panaji
There was a rule banning drinking in the open, however it has not been implemented