Fraud Female from dehradun kirti joining one month ago purchasing beer worth more than Rs 500 from store in St Inez,panaji with WRITING, BANKING FRAUD

The reason why TCS got a fine of $420 million in the United States for TRADE SECRETS THEFT and is facing multiple cases of TRADE SECRET THEFT in the united states is because it is a company without any morals and ethics at all,they will indulge in endless fraud and lies, if they can get away with it,

Along with google,tata is allegedly involved in criminal defamation and fraud on hardworking indian paypal account holders since 2010 to get their lazy greedy call girls like sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar R&AW jobs falsely claiming that they are online experts when actually they are only sex experts having regular
sex with ntro employees as ordered by the tata pimps
The liar fraud google, tata employees are extremely vicious in defaming the real paypal account and falsely claiming that their lazy greedy associates like the female from dehradun who are not spending any time doing computer work, are owning domains, paypal account

The latest lazy greedy fraud being promoted by the SECTION 420 FRAUD PIMP LIAR tata, google employees is a short female from dehradun, kirti who claims that she joined one month ago, and resides on the seventh floor of a building in st inez. On 20 May 2019, the dehradun female purchased beer worth more than Rs 500 from store in St Inez,panaji and was used for stalking the domain investor indicating that the liar tata employees are falsely promoting her as doing computer work when she does not do any computer work at all, she is exposed as a fraud promoted by raw/cbi employees ruchika kinge, riddhi nayak caro

This indicates how vicious the section 420 fraud liar tata employees are in defamation, when their dehradun associate is not doing any computer work, why falsely give her credit for work she does not do, time she does not spend
Those who purchased the beer can easily purchase the domain paying the market price since it costs only a few thousands, yet being MISERLY FRAUDS, they do not wish to pay the market price, only falsely claim to own the domain