stalking at panaji wine store by raw employee nayanshree look alikes

one of the reasons why the growth in the indian economy is at its lowest levels though other economies are doing well, is because the indian government fraud levels are at an all time high, with government officials beating the british in their atrocities on other indian citizens
one of the greatest frauds is how raw/cbi are falsely claiming that their well paid employees like nayanshree hathwar who is not paying any money for domains, owns the domains of a private citizen, who is criminally defamed in the worst possible manner
the raw/cbi employees, their sugar daddies and relatives never lose any opportunities to mentally torture the real domain investor using organized stalking.,the latest incident on 11 october 2019, two girls who looked like raw employee nayanshree hathwar on a scooter came to a wine store in st.inez, panaji, goa. it would be interesting to find the name of the person who sent these girls on a scooter.
They purchased a bottle of wine, alcoholic beverage and left . This indicates the fraud of the government that though nayanshree is not spending any money on domains, the government falsely claims that she owns the domains including the bar related domain of a private citizen, who is CRIMINALLY DEFAMED
Example/sample of published bar specifications