Red shirted Carlsberg beer purchaser molests domain investor in panaji, goa

Google, tata are always criminally defaming the domain investor as having black money, yet when she is out shopping in panaji, she is almost always molested by google, tata associates. The latest molestation incident took place at a store in st.inez panaji, goa at around 6.30 pm on 20 december 2019

The domain investor was purchasing a packet of milk and yoghurt, when a tall man intentionally touched her and then said excuse me to avoid being accused of molestation. The man was tall, wearing a red shirt, had a slight beard.

The molester purchased a one liter pack of milk, orange colored from goa dairy , big green carlsberg beer bottles and totally spent Rs 600. he paid the amount using a black debit or credit card with wifi, which the shop owner did not want, since there are sometime problems of chargeback.

The man was not from the area, because he drove off in a grey car , the car model was not noticed. Even purchasing milk becomes a chore in panaji, because women have to avoid molestation. It appears he intentionally came only to molest the domain investor

Young beer bottle purchasing people take selfies in store blocking other customers

One of the biggest irritants in panaji is how young people purchasing bottles of beer are blocking the store for other customers.
On 9 december 2019, three young men were blocking the entrance of the store in st inez, panaji, goa taking selfies, making it difficult for other customers to move in the store
This shows how self obsessed young people, they only want to take selfies and click their photos
They have plenty of money to purchase beer, they do not realize that taking a photo inconvenient for others

The fraud gujjus led by parekh are quick to defame the domain investor for not developing the website, they forget that their FINANCIAL FRAUD on the domain investor is the main reason why this website is not developed properly