Some karnataka officials are too busy with identity theft rackets to detect liquor excise duty evasion

Some extremely powerful karnataka officials like the shivalli brahmin hathwar, kodancha and their relatives are too busy with identity theft rackets on harmless hardworking single woman engineers to steal their resume, and get their mediocre lazy inexperienced relatives like bengaluru cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar, 2005 bbm, a R&AW job with the stolen resume of the engineer, that they are unable to devote resources, time and money to more serious problems like liquor excise duty evasion costing the state crores of rupees in revenues.

Based on media reports, the excise duty charged on liquor in Karnataka is increasing, however the amount of liquor excise duty collected by the excise department is decreasing or remaining the same. This is not because people are drinking less, because more people are drinking beer and other beverages every year, as drinking has become fashionable among young people compared to a few decades ago,

In maharashtra the liquor excise duty collected is increasing, however in Karnataka the evasion levels are very high, a lot of Non Duty Paid(NDP) liquor is being smuggled into the state especially from goa. However the powerful shivalli brahmin officials are too busy gettting jobs for their relatives like nayanshree with stolen resumes, fake online work, that the NDP liquor is not detected